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As soon as the online platform is set up a variety of further actions can follow in order to strengthen the network’s scope. The index serves to create opportunities for encounters with artists, institutions and supporters from all fields on the ground to make the community and their surroundings profit from the project.

The data collected will be semi-annually published as an online infographic, and biennially printed as Yellow Pages. It will be distributed to universities, institutions, sponsors and other interested parties.

Use the data of the index to cooperate with institutions to support the creation of field specific events like exhibitions, festivals and programs in different cities based on the local artists factual needs rather than the assumptions of institutions.

Establish a cultural hub in the form of a physical space in Berlin where artists can gather, work and host events. It will be designed in the technique of Nader Khalil’s “eco dome”; a sustainable method of building houses with earthbags, which has relation to the tradition of building clay houses northern Syria.

Create the first Syrian Biennale to showcase selected artists that follows the route of refugees changing its location biannually starting in Lebanon, via Turkey and the Balkan route and towards central Europe and Scandinavia.

Publish the digital data in a directory of names and contacts of Syrian artists and cultural producers like “Yellow Pages” to be distributed to various art institutions and taken to art fairs and similar events.

Publish a glossy catalogue of artworks from selected artists that reflects the community and its values chosen by a guest curator to be distributed to various art institutions and taken to art fairs and similar events.